What We Do

We have fun. It's that simple. We have fun creating new worlds. We have fun envisioning fantastic designs. We have fun working with things on wheels. We have fun with people who like to have fun. Does that sound like you?

We want to share our creativity with you, and would love to have you share your creativity with us. Let our Resident Author, Chief Imagination Officer, and Automotive Hobby Engineer help you create a world of your own.

Browse our site and visit the individual pages of our three creative outlets: Grand Station, Kai Creates, and K-One Automotive Concepts. So join us and let's have some fun!

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A writer by trade, Jae will take you on a tour filled with imagination, or provide you with information you need or want to know.

Are you an avid reader looking for the next great book? The parent of a reluctant reader needing some ideas? A business looking for some great content? Come to Grand Station and choose your adventure!

Keone's most excellent mechanical engineering skills came from his early years modifying cars. His ability to apply his knowledge of cars to other innovative and practical mechanical designs sets him apart. But cars are really his thing.

If you have a car-related question that's been bugging you, he might be able to shed a little light on your dilema.

Nothing beats the unparalleled imagination of a child. That is what makes Kai's creations so enjoyable. Each creation he comes up with has it's own story that we try to bring to life in the design.

And what better way to share that imagination than by wearing it! Enjoy his designs on shirts, tote bags, stationery, or personalized "storybooks."